La Banyera Short film by Sergi Malti, Spain. Jauary 2020.

Un Silence Absolu Short film by Sophie Venecia Reyes, Spain. December 2019.

Emily y Eva Tv Show Teaser by Guillermo Dorado. Madrid, Spain. June 2019.

Lit Tv show Teaser by Andy Brown. Barcelona, Spain. March 2019.

One Star Ride Feature Film by Lakpathy Wijesekara. Los Angeles, CA, October 2017.

Known  Short film by Alex Gasaway. Los Angeles, CA, September 2017.

Children of the Sun Short film by Rachel Leyco. Los Angeles, CA, September 2017.

Beyond Vibrations Short film by Dillon Daniel. Los Angeles, CA, July 2017.

Pas de Deux Short film by Isaak Garcia French. Los Angeles, CA, June 2017.

Happy Birthday Short film by Bradley T. Miller. Los Angeles, CA, June 2017.

Heresey Short film by Alejandra Diaz. Los Angeles, CA, May 2017.

Nexus Short film by Dianna Hope. Los Angeles, CA, Febreuary 2017.

Turning Point Short film by Vikram Kale. Los Angeles, CA, August 2016.

The Invisible Short film by Heinz Köbernik. Los Angels, CA, August 2016. 

Stay. Short film by Alejandra Diaz and Nora Mesa. Los Angeles, CA, April 2016.

The Play Short film by Alma Jimenéz. Los Angeles, CA, February 2016.

Andrea and Charleen Short film by Ona Isart. Barcelona, Spain 2013.

Flores de papel Short film by Julian Manrique. Barcelona, Spain 2013.

El viaje de Lucia Short film by Fredy Romero. Barcelona, Spain 2012.

Music videos

Glue Music video for Capromoscow. Capromoscow productions. Segur de Calafell, Spain. March 2019.

Shit Dope Music videos for Ljubliana & the Seawolf by Miki Martinez. Lamosca Delatele Productions. Barcelona, February 2018.

Dare I ask you why? Music videos for Ljubliana & the Seawolf by Miki Martinez. Lamosca Delatele Productions. Barcelona, February 2018.

Vacuum Music videos for Ljubliana & the Seawolf by Miki Martinez. Lamosca Delatele Productions. Barcelona, February 2018.

Pull Me In Music Video, Jameson Tabor. JT Productions. Los Angeles, CA, July 2016. 

Duele Music video, Los Elefantes y Bunbury. Los Angeles, CA, March 2016. (Second unit DP, Los Angeles).

Commercials and Fashion

España Compite, Fundación Deporte Joven Commercial by Javi Kiran. Kanto Capital. Madrid, Spain, November 2019.

Hola Luz Commercial by Xavi Caparrós. Vimema. Barcelona, Spain. April 2019. 

Futbol Club Barcelona FCB Commercial by Oriol Cid. Estudi Carmel. Barcelona, Spain. April 2019.

Catalan Agency of Tourism Commercial by Alba Sastre. Vimema. Barcelona, Spain. March 2019.

Grey Goose Commercial by Victor Palomo. La Visual. Barcelona, Spain. July 2018. 

Human Fashion film by Laura Sisteró. Vayolet films. Los Angeles, CA, November 2017.

SoCalGas Commercial by Heinz Köbernik. Los Angeles, CA, August 2017. (Second unit DP). 

RYDE Commercial directed by Lakphaty Wijesekara. Los Angeles, CA, May 2017.

Powertec Commercial directed by Lakphaty Wijesekara. Los Angeles, CA, October 2016.


Una Habitación Ajena Documentary by Lula Gómez, Promarfi Futuro S.L. Córdoba, Spain. February 2019.

Angel Pavlovsky Documentary by Albert de la Torre, Estudi Barbara Granados. Barcelona, Spain. 2018. 

Sentir Documentary by Carles Valdes, Betevé, Vimema. Barcelona, Spain. March 2018.

Death of Gender: iRAWniq. Interview by Miki Halpin for Damn Joan online magazine. Los Angeles, CA, November 2017.  

Joe Short Documentary by Sevgi Isabel Cacina. Los Angeles, CA, December 2016.

Maneres de Viure, Maneres de Veure. Sóc Artista, Sóc Vedette Documentary by Duna Canyet, Berta Caberzas and Ona Isart. Barcelona, Spain 2010.

Web Series

Reversible Pilot web series by Alba Guillén Fernández. Barcelona, Spain. February 2019.

LA Web Series Season 2 Web Series by Alexandra Swarens. Los Angeles, CA, October 2017.

Lovers and Friends LA  Episode 5 Web Series by Charmain Jhonson and Tae Daaz. Los Angeles, CA, June 2017.

Rideshare Chronicals Web series by Lakphaty Wijesekara. Los Angeles, CA, May 2017.  

LA Web Series Season 1 Web Series by Alexandra Swarens. Los Angeles, CA, January/February 2017.



Estrella Damm and FCB. Estudi Carmel. Barcelona, January 2019.

Asperger (Short Documentary video). Betevé and Vimema Productions. Barcelona, February 2018.

Streetlights (Short film), Los Angeles, CA, October 2017.

Second Unit Director of Photography.

This Detox Life (Series) Los Angeles, CA, August 2017.

California Lottery, Gracias Maestros (Commercial/Documental) San Diego, Sacramento, CA, March/April 2017.

Half The Picture by Amy Adrion (Documentary), Los Angeles, CA, February 2017.

Telemundo, JK Productions. El Chema (Promotion), Los Angeles, CA, and Houston, TX, November 2016. 

From 7 to eleven by Cristina Trenas (Feature film), Los Angeles, July 2016.

Camera Operator Camera B. First Camera Assistant Camera A. 



UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA.                                                                   June 2016

Cinematography Certificate.


ESCAC, Barcelona, Spain.                                                                                  June 2012

Master in Cinematography.


Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals, EMAV, Barcelona, Spain.                             June 2010 

Technical Degree in Image.





Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan. Intermediate French. Basic Italian.

Computer skills: Premier Pro, Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve and Final Cut. Word and Excel.

Personal qualities: Fast learner, efficient, good working in teams. Enthusiastic and passionate about lights and camera.

© 2016 por Ona Isart.