Ona Ballester Isart was born in Barcelona. Raised and educated in this beautiful city, she was always fascinated by lighting. 


She studied Image at EMAV (School of Audiovisual Media), the Cinematography Master at ESCAC (Cinema and Audiovisual Superior School of Catalunya) in Terrassa (Barcelona) and the Cinematography Certificate at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, California, where she lived for three years, from 2015 to 2018.

She started shooting her first projects as a Director of Photography in 2013. Since then she had shot in Spain and EEUU different, short films, music videos, fashion films, documentaries, web series and commercials. In October 2017 she shot her first feature film, One Star Rider, that premiered at CineFest in North Hollywood.

In 2019 the documentary, Angel Pavlovsky was in the official selection of the film festival Docs Barcelona as well as in the International Film Festival of Catalan Cinema (FIC-CAT)

Her work has been selected in different international film festivals.


She loves to work close to the director and her team in order to built the perfect shoot to tell the story, express a feeling or create a beautiful image.

She is energetic, positive and brings good vibes on set. She likes to look for that angle that we are not use to see, to show the reality from another perspective. 

Her philosophy is take it slow, analyze and create. Simplicity is the way to create the most complex things.  

She is currently living in Barcelona but working around the globe and happy to travel to bring stories to life.

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2010 - present

2010 - present